Turtle's Pool & Spa Technologies provide an extensive variety of Pool and Spa-related services. If you're interested in having a new pool or spa installed in your home or business, Turtle offers a full consulting service. This extends to inspections before or after sale of property incorporating any pool or spa.

Turtle is happy to supply you with all the information you need on Pool and Spa design, along with helping you choose a suitable location and best equipment, including information on compliance with government regulations.

Once your new pool or spa has been commissioned, Turtle can provide all services to help you best manage your pool.  He can also arrange for landscaping of pool surrounds, including fencing your pool area to comply with current government Pool Safety regulations.

Following installation by your pool builder, you are provided with a Manufacturer's Statutory Warranty. On Handover and Commissioning Turtle details all operational and servicing requirements. He also provides pre-sale/purchase Handover and Commissioning services when you're considering buying, selling or renting a property with a pool or spa on-site. Turtle's Pool & Spa Technologies is a Warranty Agent for most popular brands of equipment in addition to performing Warranty work on equipment he has sold, installed and serviced.

Turtle can tailor a cleaning or maintenance schedule for your pool or spa to suit your lifestyle. In conjunction with this he will also supply the products necessary to keep your water quality healthy, such as water quality treatments, balancing, early problem intervention and detection.