Turtle’s Pool & Spa Technologies can supply all of the products and equipment required to keep your pool or spa in pristine condition whether it runs on a fresh, chlorine or salt water system.
He is fully focused on reducing your carbon footprint, which is why the products he sells are aimed at being both eco-friendly and cost-effective.   Ask Turtle how you can maintain and improve your investment, with less costly, long-term alternatives!  After 30 years in the industry Turtle has extensive knowledge of pool cleaning compounds and equipment, which is why he stocks only the highest quality brands. 
The cleaning and filtration equipment supplied by Turtle’s Pool & Spa Technologies is made to last and has the durability to withstand regular wear and tear. Turtle offers advice on the pool or spa cleaner most suited to your specific use, as some cleaners function more effectively on particular surfaces, or alternatively on different pool or spa designs and shapes.
Automatic pool cleaners are a great way to clean your pool. They connect to your skimmer box and move throughout your pool interior picking up debris and dirt, without requiring manpower. Consider the benefits and long-term viability of using one of these. Turtle stocks a range of Pool and Spa cleaners and various types of heating and filtration equipment including pool pumps, chlorinators, filters, lighting and spare parts such as piping and fittings.
Turtle’s Pool & Spa Technologies stocks all the top brands for Pool and Spa cleaning and filtration equipment including: Astral, Hayward, Dontek, Onga.  
Ask him about the latest Enviroswim Freshwater ES3 filtration system - it has proven to work well in North Queensland.  This system uses no nasty chemicals and can save you up to $950 per year on the running cost of your pool - it is just like swimming in a freshwater creek!